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Anti-stain technology
First for stain removal. Removes 20 of the most stubborn everyday stains in one wash without pre-soaking. By cleverly managing detergent, water, drum rotation and temperature.
The Ecotech symbol identifies appliances that meet the highest standards of energy efficiency. Ecotech washer-dryers are a guarantee of high standards of efficiency, lower consumption levels and excellent performance.
Woolmark Platinum Care
Woolmark Platinum Care is the maximum certification issued by The Woolmark Company to the brand that achieves such high standards of quality that its washing machines can wash garments bearing the "handwash only" label. A result obtained thanks to a unique and patented washing stystem that doesn’t rub the fibres and thus maintains their softness even after more than 20 wash cycles.
Sensor drying
Special sensors enable the washer-dryer to measure the residual humidity in clothes and automatically stop when the right level is reached. “Iron” is the most delicate level, with the highest residual humidity, and is ideal for garments that have to be ironed. “Hang” is a level of humidity higher than that of the wardrobe and is ideal for hanging clothes to finish drying. “Fold”, on the other hand, means clothes are dry enough to be folded and put away in drawers or wardrobes. And for clothes that have to be worn immediately after the end of the cycle, there’s the “Wear” level, the most intense, which eliminates absolutely all humidity.
Silk and Curtain programme
The Silk and Curtains cycle makes it possible to machine-wash even the most delicate items, such as silk, viscose and even lingerie, in total confidence, there being no risk of ruining the fabric. Slow drum movement and more water reduce the rubbing of fibres to a minimum, ensuring impeccable results. And special care is lavished on the final phase of washing, with an extra rinse to ensure removal of every trace of detergent.

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