Advanced and stylish range of ovens for perfect cooking, to enhance flavor and fragrance in every recipe. Cooking is a pleasure, but cleaning the oven is a necessity. This is why Ariston ovens offer a number of cleaning programmes, making it so easy you don't have to worry about this task.

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Touch Control
ARISTON’s new ovens respond to the controls in an instant thanks to the special Touch Control system. To dialogue and interact with the oven is simple: just touch the few but beautifully clear icons and follow an intuitive sequence to obtain perfect and effortless cooking of any recipe. Avant-garde technology at the service of simplicity.
Telescopic guides
Telescopic guides (easy to remove and washable in a dishwasher) make cooking easy to manage. The new dripping pans hold twice as much as the oven pan, thus getting the most out of the oven’s capacity.
Multiflow Heat Technology
With Mulitiflow Technology, a new style of convection system creates an all-enveloping heat flow which drives heat into every inch of the oven cavity for consistently even, delicious dishes every time – whichever shelf you're using. Ideal for ensuring perfectly risen cakes and breads, as well as uniform cooking of your favourite dishes.
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