Washing Machines
RPG 9447 SX EX
RPG 9447 SX EX

RPG 9447 SX EX

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Key Features
H (mm): 850
W (mm): 595
D (mm): 605
Energy efficiency class: A+++
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm): 1400
Washing capacity (kg): 9
Loading mode
Loading mode : Front loading
Energy efficiency class : A+++
Spin Efficacy Class : B
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) : 1400.0
Water consumption per year (lt) : 11690.0
Noise level dB(A) : 54
Washing programmes
Programme number : 16.0
Steam Refresh Cycle
Wool programme
Duvet Cycle
Bed & Bath Cycle
Baby Cycle
Anti Allergy Plus
Ultra Delicates Cycles
Daily Wash 30'
Variable Spin
Spin cycle off
Steam Hygiene
Pause On/Off
Main Functions
Soft opening
Structural features
Washing capacity (kg) : 9.0
Drum volume (lt) : 62
Display : Digit
Colour : Silver
Door Opening Angle
Weight (Kg) : 74.0
Washing MachinesSteam

Steam Refresh is a short cycle designed to refresh your clothes. In just 20 minutes, steam can eliminate odours such as cigarette smoke, food smells, smog and sweat from dry clothes. During the Steam Refresh cycle you can also personalize the fragrance of your clothes by putting a few drops of your favourite perfume in the innovative “bubbles” provided with the “him and her” version.

Washing MachinesAnti-stain Turbo 45’
Anti-stain Turbo 45’

The Anti-Stain Turbo cycle is a fast anti stain programme for customers in a hurry. It is able to REMOVE 40 STAINS in JUST 45min at only 20°. It does this thanks to the Direct Injection System and increased agitation during the wash to remove dirt and stains.

Washing MachinesDigital Motion
Digital Motion

The new Natis Washing Machine by Ariston removes all stains, even the most stubborn, without pre-treatment. and preserving fabrics. The new brushless inverter motor creates 10 different drum motions during a single wash cycle, each one specifically designed to treat a variety of stains.

Washing MachinesBaby Cycle
Baby Cycle

The Baby Cycle offers the certainty of a perfect result even at only 40° C and guarantees absolute hygiene for babies’ clothing and total care of skin and fabrics. The cycle uses more water to dilute detergents perfectly, optimize the effect of hygienizing additives and rinse garments thoroughly to remove every possible trace of detergent from the fibres.